Value of Education Essay in 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 Words for Class 1-12

But knowledge is deemed powerless if it is not interpreted or applied correctly. And herein lies the “power” of Education – it is a tool or a ‘weapon’ that shapes us as human beings, spilling over into society through the actions of individuals who apply their acquired knowledge. The application of knowledge in real life scenarios lead to problem solving, which in turn affects the socio-economies of countries and eventually it contributes to world change. We have previously dealt with the fact as to how can the law be used as an instrument for creating social change along with the fact as to how has the law been useful in creating an impact in society. We have discussed several social issues that have been controlled by the enforcement of law but have not been removed yet. Synchronization is a well-known benefit of online learning.

changes needed in our society essay

However, there still are some common IELTS essay topics that many students have reported as repeated in the IELTS exam. Thus, the general theme or the essay topics can be determined. In this blog, we discuss Government And Society IELTS Essay.

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The outsourcing of jobs to developing countries has resulted in exploitation and economic instability, while the spread of Western culture has been viewed as a threat to traditional values and customs. The world is in a constant state of flux, with changes taking place at a rapid pace. From technological advancements to social and cultural changes, the world is transforming in ways that were once thought impossible.

The fact is that there is more freedom granted for ordinary people in developed countries. It seems that people in these countries are free to raise their voice over matters or policies that they think are not for their interests. As their voices are heard by leaders of the countries, those problems might be corrected in a right way. In contrast, if there is limitation on the right of speech, people are not willing to speak out in a fear of possible punishments from authorities.

Role of Youth in Nation Building Essay

However, with environmental activists passionately fighting for the cause, awareness about the negative impact of deforestation has increased. That being said, it is only fair that we give back to the earth now by planting trees to right the wrongs committed by us. It is the only way to restore the earth to her earlier green glory and save ourselves from any natural disasters in the future. Corruption – Abusing one’s power for personal gains is corruption. It is a deep-rooted problem of India slowing the economic development of our country, which is present both in the private and public sectors. Commonwealth scams, 2G scams, 3g scams, and Satyam scams are some of the significant frauds that recently came to light. Moral laws must be laid out and practiced by everyone to become a corruption-free country.

They can be experience, knowledge, feeling or even questions for people to seek to answer. Clearly that when bad things are brought to light and boycott, good things are spread and share, our society would be an ideal and wonderful place to live. In addition, people should be given the right of feeling that they have the position in the society because they have their voice. One person would soon be stressful and vexatious when most of their thoughts are restrictive in the house. However, in contrast to the benefits that freedom of speech brings about, there are some bad effects. Sometimes, some political criminals abuse the right to disseminate bad information or spread untrue rumours that affect the government or officials.

The exploitation of women and children

No officer has the right to hold an office of public importance indefinitely just because he cleared some examination many years ago. In addition to this, Political Parties should usher a merit based system like any other professionally run organization by adhering to tools like Right to Information Act , , internal elections, etc. This will not just attract young talent but also develop quality standards and future benchmarks of good governance which unfortunately are absent in present political setup. Another crisis faced by our political setup is the rampant criminalization of politics . Association for Democratic Reforms reports that 188 out of th Lok Sabha members (about 34%) have criminal cases against them, many of which are of serious nature like murder, rioting, etc.

There are different types of education and every type of education is really important. It creates a huge difference between human to human quality. An educated person is well-developed and gets better characteristics. That’s why education is a basic priority for everyone’s life. Hindu law has been changed and modified in favour of women. The women have now been given right to divorce in certain cases as per modified marriage act.

Better youth and better quality of life for youth assures success for not only the existing generation but also for the upcoming generation. Therefore there is no denying the fact that a country can become much better with the support of the youth that they have. National development is now in the hands of the young generation. The older generation has passed on the baton to the youth. The young generation has more concurrent dreams, passion and hope.