How to answer “What are your Hobbies and Interests?”

Ans.) An exhaustive list of IPMAT interview questions is given above. For a better understanding of How to answer these IPM Interview questions, you can join our FREE IPM Interview coaching. Finally, an interviewer might ask about your hobbies or interests to identify any potential conflicts with the job requirements or company culture. By asking about your hobbies or interests, the interviewer can identify any potential conflicts and assess whether they might be a concern for the job. Hobbies on a CV refer to the personal interests or activities outside of work that you enjoy and can help provide insight into your personality, skills, and values. Including hobbies on a CV can make you a more well-rounded candidate and help you stand out from other applicants.

Another mistake candidates often make is to impress the interviewer by stating their physical exercises like running for 2 hours or 5 km each day. Interviewing officers keep a track of every answer and candidates get caught in follow-up questions. Interviewers ask you to state your daily routine and then you miss adding your daily running habit which you told me at the beginning. Note 2 – If you don’t have an hobby, don’t be ashamed of it. You can tell anything you do in your free time ex- playing video games, gyming, watching movies, watching web series etc. This is the most expected question at the beginning of the IPM interview.

If they are relevant and demonstrate valuable skills, it may be appropriate to include them. Even though the article must have given you in-depth knowledge about hobbies and interests on your resume, here are a few last-minute expert tips for you to avoid mistakes and errors. Puzzles are something that requires a lot of time and patience. Apart from this, it requires you to have an ability for reasoning and problem-solving.

hobbies to say in interview

If at all possible, try to find a way for your hobby to relate to the company or the job you’re looking for. By doing this, others will be able to see that you have a genuine interest in the field. If you are interested in working in the gaming industry, for instance, you may include how much you like playing a variety of different video games in your resume.

Hobbies are activities you enjoy doing in your spare time. These can be things you do for fun like drawing or gardening. Hobbies require an active pursuit of an interest that could involve collecting, building, cataloging, or creating something.

How to answer “Tell me about your Hobbies” in an MBA Interview?

Maybe you are trying to build your business, maybe you are trying to get good grades in exams, maybe you are trying to be an artist for which you require discipline. Hobbies are the number one thing that you can use for becoming being disciplined. Set time yourself that every day at least for five minutes I am going to practice on my hobbies, every week I am going to spend five hours on my hobbies. Candidates often say they are good at this and that and say they don’t have any weaknesses. But in reality, candidates do this to impress the interviewers. Everybody has some kind of weaknesses and it’s okay to have them.

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Q.2 What are your hobbies/ extracurricular activities ?

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By asking about your hobbies or interests, an interviewer can get a sense of whether you are a well-rounded individual and whether you have a balance in your life between work and other activities. One reason an interviewer might ask about your hobbies or interests is to get to know you better as a person. My hobbies are surfing net about latest technologies in electronics & various other activities like studying HTML & PHOTO SHOP lectures online. I also answer the questions posed by various people online in Yahoo Answers portal in the category of computers & internet. I am a level 3 answerer with 12% best answers in that portal. My hobbies are solving puzzles especially I like Sudoku, watching movies, listening music, computer gaming, learning about computers, surfing the internet, drawing, reading fantasy stories and many other things. I like having chatter with friends and my parents about their past events and discuss about future plans.

The hobby quoted by him was slightly different from what the candidates normally mention such as reading or any particular sport that they pursue. Keep the pre-requisites in mind before you start to form your answer to this question. Give an honest answer to such questions but try avoiding the things as mentioned above.

They keep me motivated all the time and help me overcome some real-life issues just as if they are my friends and know me so well. After reading some pages, I also like to think about them again and try to see the whole scenario from my view-point. And to mention, I am flexible with reading books online or digitally as well. I have read “You can win” by “Shiv Khera” which I think was a great piece of writing in itself. If your hobbies comprise a cluster activity, you positively want to distribute this during a job interview. Whatever you come up with, make sure that your answers incorporate your skills and interests.

What Are Your Hobbies And Interests?

Bank Branch Managers work in a specific section of banking related to the invention and generation of capital for other organisations, governments, and other entities. Researchers have been using the technological ability to see really tiny objects for advancing the fields of medical science as well as electronics . What if you asked a person about his/her hobby and s/he told there is none.