C. – Bolivar Condition resident and Winstonville gran – v

C. – Bolivar Condition resident and Winstonville gran – v

*BELL, Dave – Hattiesburg resident; 1974 flood – v. 285-nine (1974) (No likely volume; tapes offered.) 1974 Hattiesburg ton; dropping all property; refugee from the Go camping Shelby

*BELL, Josephine – Natchez resident, educator – v. 675 (1996) Natchez; Partnership School; Brumfield Senior high school; teaching; education; desegregation; integration off Natchez Senior high school; Evers, Charles; Natchez Hotes; NAACP; Armstrong tire bush; KKK; politics; Federation out of Democratic Female; Beat Night-club flame

*BELL, Robert Jr. – Natchez Shade Parkway – v. 504 (1975) (No sure manuscript. Recording offered.) Indian mounds and items; Natchez Shade Parkway development, investment, repair, courtroom trouble, landowners, and you may right-of-ways

*BELLANDE, M. 505 (1976) (Zero likely manuscript. Tapes and you can transcript readily available.) golf tournaments; expanding abreast of the fresh Gulf Coast; top-notch basketball towards Cleveland Indians; running an alcohol providers; World war ii services

*BENNETT, Claude talked about when you look at the: Roberts, Anna – v. 6; Walker, J. Fred – v. 163; Johnson, Z.T. – v. 278 select as well as: College or university out of South Mississippi

*BENNETT, Lillian – Gulf coast of florida Coast Finnish people – v. 392-thirteen (1973) (Zero likely volume; tapes and you will transcript offered.) changes across the Gulf coast of florida Coast; Finnish ethnic classification; expanding up during the Kreole

Grams. – v

*BENSON, F. 343 (1978) early-twentieth-century-lives inside the Mound Bayou; civil-rights; a despair regarding 1920s; studies to possess blacks; small facilities and you may sharecropping; Winstonville records

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