What Does ELI5 Mean, and How Do You Use It?

If I type “h”, “e”, “l”, “l”, “o”, it’s because I mean to type “hello”. We avoid this terminology anywhere in the docs, but we used it between in the core team discussions and maybe some comments on GitHub. I think that’s where library maintainers may have picked it up. I wouldn’t expect application authors to know or care about this terminology — but if you see it, all it means is useEffect, nothing more. Sometimes when you say “effects” it’s unclear if you mean both or just the first kind. This is why the first kind is sometimes called “passive”. With automated batching in React 18, it will always batch them. Practically speaking, it means React will “wait a bit” (the technical term if “until the end of the task or the microtask”). Previously, React used to re-render immediately in this case. This means you’d get three screen updates for three setState calls.

Can you explain to me like I’m 5?

ELI5 stands for the phrase, “Explain Like I'm 5.” The 5 refers to a five-year-old child, the implication being that the person requesting the explanation has a limited or naive understanding of the issue.

Reddit turns one of its most popular sub-reddits into a YouTube series starring actual 5-year-olds working to comprehend complex subjects. These both refer to methods of transmitting electricity over a distance. DC is almost exactly the same as the way you typically think of water flowing through a pipe. You dunk your hand at one end of the bathtub and it sends a wave of water traveling across the tub until it reaches the other sides, where it does some work at a distant device. That is what alternating current is like .

Explain Like I’m Five ELI

The topics covered are Syria, existentialism, and the stock market. If you can make a group of bored 5-year-olds understand these topics, you should be good to go for most adults, too. Many podcasts and YouTube channels have also adopted the ELI5 format and feature experts who break down complex topics for the audience. Some have based their entire show on the format, while others use it in one-off episodes. ELI5 is alive and well on other platforms besides Reddit. You’ll often see it on other social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter. It’s fairly common for someone to use ELI5 when asking their followers or friends to explain something. As platforms like Twitter also have a character limit, these explanations have to be abbreviated even further than they are on Reddit. Reddit has acknowledged ELI5 as one of the most important communities on its website. In 2013, the company even named its first original video series after the subreddit.

For example, imagine we wanted to add up the cost of food for each day — we can look specifically for activities with a food and a cost, and then add those up. Say the idea aloud like you’re telling a friend.Forget about fancy vocabulary, and speak naturally. The perfect sentence might not emerge right away, but now you’re on the path. Instead, recognize what makes the Reddit video and AT&T adeffective–complex ideas boiled down to their essence— and apply it to how you explain things to others. I admit there are some issues that can not or should not be simplified. The interface between product and law, for example, is often irreducibly complex. Still, I have the pleasure to work on some of the most novel technologies on the planet. And I’m amazed at how often our conversations boil down to just a few simple ideas that really matter.


You can stake the popular cryptocurrencies like Etheruem, Cardando, BNB, and Polkadot, Solana, Tezos, and Algorand. It’s not possible to stake Bitcoin as Bitcoin uses the older Proof-of-Work model. Ethereum is being upgraded to use Proof of Stake in early 2022. Stakers receive rewards for participating in network validation and security. Blockchains that use staking are called Proof-of-Stake chains. Top 5 decentralized finance applications on Binance Smart Chain are PancakeSwap, Venus, Ellipsis Finance, Belt Finance, and MDEX.
explain it like i'm five
How and why did backboards become part of basketball? What’s behind the color convention of home and away jerseys? What is the most accurate free throw tecnique? Why is the Lithuanian team of 1992 called ‘the other dream’? We explain like I’m five Thank you to the r/explainlikeimfive community and in particular the following users whose questions and comments formed… Some subjects, like communism, zippers, and our long absence from the moon, can be a little hard to explain. That’s when people turn to “Explain Like I’m Five,” a Reddit group dedicated to breaking complex ideas down into understandable terms. While the group has been geared for adult readers, it has now morphed into a video series featuring real 5-year-olds.
You use debouncing or throttling when the user is doing something too fast (e.g. typing), and updating the screen in response to each individual event is just too slow. So you either wait for the user to stop typing or you update the screen once in a while, like once a second . I also took a pass at explaining code splitting. But you need to bring 150 pounds worth of stuff. So you split it up into three bags so each of them can be flown at the same time, but still be under the limit. A Promise is an object that represents something that will be available in the future. You can think of a Promise as similar to a timer you might get in some fast food joints. When the timer rings, you pick up your order. This means that each event is separately intended by the user. If I click twice, it’s because I mean to click twice.

Examples of ELI5

And it’s how I would explain that task to a friend. No, we’re not sparking a nationwide trend to act like we’re five. We don’t need full-grown adults talking aboutgrandmas and cheetahs. If a group of inattentive five-year-olds can handle Nietzsche’s outlook on existence, surely grown-ups can too. AT&T has the same idea with its recent spate of ads, in which an adult makes the onerous task of picking the right cell phone plan uber-simplistic for small children .
Friend’s “sentences” are events like button clicks or keyboard typing. These concepts only matter for React internally, because it may batch updates in multiple continuous events, but it would still update the screen for each discrete event in a row. However, as a React user, you probably won’t need to think about this. This is different from events like mousemove. I may move the mouse over ten different coordinates but I don’t intentionally mean any of these separate coordinates. As a user I have no idea how many mousemove events I just performed. We call such events “continuous” — as in, what matters is the latest one, not how many there happened. However, it comes up when we explain how automatic batching works. What we have to clarify is that for some events, like clicks, we guarantee that the screen is updated before the next event can happen. This is important for UIs like counters or forms (where sending a form may disable it, and if it doesn’t happen before the second click, you risk sending a form twice).
explain it like i'm five
I’ve learned to detect people trying to cover lack of understanding with jargon. I find that a few clarifying questions can confirm my suspicions in short order. English Language Learners Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for speakers of other languages learning English. This community will be specific to Artificial Intelligence and the intent will be to simplify the concepts in the domain. Be it an idea, an algorithm, a paper or techniques, the goal is to make them easy to grasp and have a clear understanding of the same. I’ll be starting off with a publication under medium and a channel using telegram. Why are clothes that are hung to dry crunchy/stiffer than clothes dried in a dryer? What does it mean when they say cotton 50% and something else 50% like polyester or lycra? Please explain bed sheets and thread counts? As you probably already know, AfterShokz transmit sound via bone conduction, meaning our headphones rest in front of your ears, rather than over or inside.

ELI5: how do they get water and sewer up to remote homes that are high in the mountains?

The rules of the system were already defined at the beginning. It’s there for the smart people to contribute to, maintain, secure, improve on, and check on. What’s the difference between natural gas, gasoline and crude oil? Why doesn’t the flame from a gas stove ignite the supply line? How is natural gas transported via pipeline if it’s a gas? How come we see clean air natural gas buses, but… Why do they switch out the basketball net frequently in the NBA? What was Tim Duncan doing before he got into basketball?
How did white become the standard color for golf balls, when a more vibrant color would make it easier to see as it’s flying through the air? How do TV camera people follow golf balls so accurately? How is ‘par’ determined for a golf course? And of course, the classic golf question – why are there dimples on golf balls? We explain like I’m five Thank you to the r/explainlikeimfive community and in particular the following users whose questions and comments formed the basis of this… Education PodcastsExplain Like I’m Five, aka ELI5, is the mini-podcast series where we take the questions you always wanted to ask, and talk about them in a way that is easy to understand.

So, if taken literally, they would explain something in a way that a 5-year-old would understand. As you see, this digital exchange is a bit of a problem. Sending digital apples doesn’t look like sending physical apples. @user +1 for “stop them from using jargon or making assumptions about what you ‘should’ already know”. Often people try to use jargon to sound “smarter” but _mis_use it, and cause communications problems. Others describe things with acronyms and nicknames that may make perfect sense to them, but mean nothing to me. So while I don’t literally ask for the 5-year-old version, I do often ask people to explain the terminology they’re using.

What does Waifu stand for?

Waifu is a term for a fictional character, usually in anime or related media, that someone has great, and sometimes romantic, affection for.

But maybe you’re rendering an already submitted comment in two places. If you make an edit to one of them, and save it, it would be reasonable to expect that both of them need to reflect your edit. So the information about a list of comments needs to live somewhere outside your component — maybe, in their shared parent or in some kind of a cache. Some of this information never changes during a user session. For example, your website layout, the icons on your buttons, and the order of sections on the page. Fast Refresh is a new iteration on hot reloading. Hot reloading was intended to have similar benefits, but it didn’t work well with functional components and hooks.

But surely there is a more efficient way to do it? Instead of getting each item the moment you think of it, it’s a good idea to compile a shopping list first. Then you go to market, get everything you need, and make your breakfast. Concurrency means that I can have more than one conversation at a time. For example, I can put Alice on hold, talk to Bob for a bit, and then switch back to talking to Alice. No concurrency means that I can only have one phone conversation at a time.

While most DeFi today happens on Ethereum, there’s more and more defi happening these days on the Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and soon Polkadot. Part of Bitcoin’s appeal is that its supply is fixed at 21 million. However, based on currently scheduled upgrades to Ethereum including EIP-1559 in July 2021 and the move to staking in early 2022, Ethereum will have a lower net supply issuance than Bitcoin in 2022. Bitcoin will have 1.7% new BTC mined in 2022 while Ethereum is on track to have a net issuance between -0.5% and 0.5%. Many believe this will be bullish for the Ethereum price in the 2nd half of 2021 and into 2022. A blockchain transparently records data in a trustable way without a centralized database. It can be used to record payments, loans, votes, health records, product inventories, stock ownership, house ownership, digital art, game collectible ownership, or even identification. Blockchains can also be used to store files and information in a way that can’t be censored. And yes, sometimes there is a LOT of technological complexity in the blockchain space. If you wanted to find out which day cost the least in terms of food eaten for meals, you can compare these two days and determine that day two cost more.

What’s ELI5?

ELI5 – Explain like I'm 5 (years old)

This one is often seen on Reddit.

When creating a diverse team, you should absolutely plan for everyone to come to the table with a dozen different experiences and perspectives related to the topic at hand. Before diving in on an ideation or feedback session, cut through assumptions by pausing to explain the topic without corporate buzzwords, jargon or acronyms. Explain the story from the beginning for people who have not been on your journey and in a way that is accessible for all team members regardless of their background. Consider the phrasing and descriptors you would use to relay the story or topic to a close family member or neighbor. This barrier can be isolating and add unnecessary layers https://www.beaxy.com/exchange/btc-usd/ of complexity to an already complex situation. There may be a temptation for presenters and listeners alike to bypass this lack of common understanding all together by creating homogenous teams that speak alike, act alike and understand alike. Vann Vicente has been a technology writer for four years, with a focus on explainers geared towards average consumers. He also works as a digital marketer for a regional e-commerce website. He’s invested in internet culture, social media, and how people interact with the web. ELI5 stands for “explain like I’m 5.” When people use it online, they’re asking others to explain a complex or obscure topic in the simplest of terms.
explain it like i'm five
We didn’t need a third person there to help us make the transfer. We didn’t need to pull in Uncle Tommy (who’s a famous judge) to sit with us on the bench and confirm that the apple went from me to you. Earn 10 reputation in order to answer this question. The reputation requirement helps protect this question from spam and non-answer activity. The final scenario is also typically between two working professionals, but is spoken more abruptly, in a manner that indicates frustration or impatience.

Dig into the big twists and reveals of the ‘Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous’ series finale – Syfy

Dig into the big twists and reveals of the ‘Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous’ series finale.

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It just means that at any moment, I may be in multiple calls, and I choose who to talk to. For example, based on which conversation is more urgent. While we won’t really explain it like you would with a 5-year-old, we will explain some of the terminology in a way that a non-technical person could find meaningful.. Anyone who has ever interacted with a child between 3 and 5 years old for an extensive period of time will have had the stream of “Why?. Even though the motivation of the child isn’t always to get a fitting answer, it is often used to typify the relentless curiosity of children in general. Read more about aion account sale here. Even if you will ultimately engage with experts on the particular topic at hand, never underestimate the power of brevity and simplicity. Using your words intentionally and sparingly will not only convey your message clearly, but demonstrate your own mastery of the topic and related issues.

  • What’s the difference between natural gas, gasoline and crude oil?
  • You could move state deeper in the tree if it doesn’t affect some components.
  • Rather than Reddit trying to launch a lot of original programming, Reddit is using the series to push users to create their own videos.
  • One might imagine an accountant explaining his changing needs to a software engineer.

A “re-render” means “rendering again”, nothing more than that. This is similar to how what ends up on the screen is composed of different components’ render results. This might remind you of top-down planning. The art director sets a vision and hands off illustration, typography, or logo design, to people specialising in that. They, in turn, might hand off parts of that work to other colleagues. In the end there is a result composed of different people’s work.

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